Real HR Expertise. Born in NZ.

We are your HR team.

MYHR is proudly owned and operated by New Zealanders with expert, up-to-date knowledge of New Zealand employment law and experience running successful New Zealand businesses.

We understand the challenges, costs and time constraints New Zealand organisations are under and we understand the local environment.

We believe navigating employment law should be simple, cost-effective and stress free.

The MYHR system is a unique hybrid between a technical solution and real, human HR support. We are the team behind the scenes completing all the work our members need to help them with HR issues.

We are passionate about New Zealand business and dedicated to making HR easy.

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Jason Ennor

Jason is a successful and respected HR Manager with 14 years’ experience working for Shell, Henkel, Dick Smith, Progressive, Woolworths Ltd and Sky City.

He has worked in both strategic and operational HR roles and has developed exceptional skills, supporting employers in many situations and leading significant restructures and organisation design projects.

Jason has extensive experience developing quality, easy-to-follow employment processes for every-day business success.

His pragmatic, plain English approach to HR shapes the MYHR ethos and is the cornerstone principle the organisation has been founded upon.

Check out Jason’s LinkedIn profile here.

Tristan Mulgrew

Tristan is a high-quality and experienced HR professional with extensive experience in recruitment, restructure projects and generalist HR support.

She has worked in large infrastructure companies, not-for-profit and consulting environments.

Tristan’s approach to managing issues and supporting small businesses is second-to-none as she understands the needs of employers.

A critical part of the MYHR team, Tristan ensures all input via our world-class software can be validated against relevant employment legislation.

Tristan also manages the ongoing needs of all MYHR members.

Check out Tristan’s LinkedIn profile here.

Julie Simpson

Julie is a highly regarded HR and Employment Law Specialist with 20yrs experience. She successfully practised Employment Law in NZ supporting employers in many industries.

She then moved into HR where she held senior leadership roles with HR and commercial responsibilities, in some of NZ's largest companies.

Julie has a deep, technical understanding of employment relations, industrial disputes, personal grievances, policy and process.

Her unique skill-set combines small business support, senior corporate leadership and technical legal knowledge, ensuring MYHR standards are always exceptional.

Check out Julie’s LinkedIn profile here.

Zane Goodwin

Zane is our in-house development guru, proficient software and web-development he is core to the on-going enhancements of our software as well as general technical support.

Zane has varied experience which provides an excellent platform for his work at MYHR.

He supports the development and articulation of our concepts and ideas, working closely with our consultants.

Caroline Greenaway

Caroline is an experienced quality and systems control administrator.

She has worked in a wide variety of industries, including a number of small businesses before joining MYHR in a customer services role.

She works as our traffic manager liasing with the HR and document team ensuring all work is delivered on time and meets client expectation.



Sean O'Brien

Sean is the co-creator of MYHR, he runs a successful design agency working in both the web and print.

His design aesthetic and business experience has shaped the MYHR offer. He ensures all interfaces are easy to understand and user friendly.

As an employer himself, he is aware of the HR needs and issues of businesses.


Natalie Mills

Natalie provides HR support to the MYHR community, supporting the many and varied needs of our members.

She has worked internationally in hospitality, infrastructure and consulting environments.

Her experience includes employment relations, recruitment, restructures and generalist HR.