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Havana Coffee

Wellington - 18 Employees

“MyHR gives me peace of mind knowing that my business is well protected, it’s like an insurance policy for HR. I can now confidently delegate to my team and rest easy knowing that employment matters are in-hand, while I focus on growing the business.”

Geoff Marsland,
Managing Director, Havana Coffee Works

Hell Pizza

Nationwide - All franchises

“Our entire national network uses MyHR. It is so user-friendly and has given us safety in the knowledge that all our franchises have their HR practices well and truly in order. MyHR ensures that our 1,000+ staff are well looked after and it assures people that we are a reputable and responsible employer - it’s invaluable.”

Ben Cumming,
General Manager, Hell Pizza

Chapel Bar

Auckland - 20 Employees

“MyHR’s combination of smart software and real human advisory support has been amazing for Chapel Bar & Bistro. They save us time, ensure we look after our people and have helped us through a few tricky situations. The support is of an extremely high standard and the efficiency of the software makes our life easy. We are proud to be associated with their brand.”

Luke Dallow,
Owner, Chapel Bar

The Produce Co.

Auckland - 106 Employees

“Our business has grown to over 100 employees in the last year, MyHR has been instrumental in helping us divisionalise our business giving managers the tools to manage their team to a similar standard. The introduction of performance reviews suited for each department, specific company policies not to mention the ability for managers to hire staff and write notes on staff regularly has meant the owners have delegated away what used to be the steady flow of staff coming through our doors with HR issues. They make growth easy and it saves money.”

John Stokes,
Managing Director, The Produce Co

90 Seconds

NZ, Singapore and UK - 68 Employees

“We've continued to grow our team globally and use MyHR for every hire and employee. It's an absolute must for me as the CEO as I love everything being organised and managed in the cloud, the process is hands down the fastest most affordable HR service imaginable, it's like having an HR person on tap. Growing into 5 countries and having localised contracts in each country and as a result our entire employee workforce in one system is just exactly what I want, need and love.”

Tim Norton,
CEO, 90 Seconds

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