Powerful, intuitive HR software.

MyHR does everything good HR software should do: online performance reviews, employee self-service, e-signing, organised document storage and staff filing, reminders, leave management, smart note functions and job description database.

Easy to use Launchpad

The MyHR launchpad consolidates your entire organisation into a single view and enables you to action anything quickly and easily. Get reminders, start a management process, update a performance review or log an employee absence.

Real time chat

Talk through any issues you are having using the MyHR chat portal. Track conversations and get HR advice instantly in real time.


Manage Leave

MyHR creates a simple request and approval process. Managers can approve leave requests on the fly, log unplanned leave and receive notifications and reminders when leave is about to be taken. Employees can apply for leave and view their own leave balances.


The MyHR calendar shows your team who is scheduled to be out before requesting time off and allows managers to review before approving any pending leave requests. Managers can also view notifications such as 90 day trial period reminders and fixed term end dates.

Manage Leave

Manage Perfomance

Get the best out of your people by creating online performance reviews and development plans that you and your team can access from anywhere. Select from prepopulated performance objectives, competencies and development activities. Establish regular check-ins and compare combined input in a single view.

Smart Notes

Easily record employees' behaviour and positive or negative events with our Smart Notes feature. Tag and save to the employee’s file and use later to populate performance reviews or disciplinary processes quickly and accurately.


Safe and secure storage

Throw away your filing cabinet and store all employment documents including employment agreements, contractor agreements, forms, training documents, health and safety compliance, handbooks and policies in your MyHR account. Access files from anywhere and use our predefined folders to stay organised.

Job Database

MyHR helps you create customised job descriptions by providing access to our job data base containing hundreds of jobs. Use these to launch a recruitment campaign, add a new staff member or plan a restructure.

Safe and Secure Storage

Centralised Structure

Assign secure departmental access to individual managers and provide employee self-service. Track induction, performance and day-to-day management, all from one place.

A file for every employee

MyHR keeps all your employees’ files, information and data in a single, secure location and notifies you when anything changes.

E-Sign Agreements

No more paper! MyHR delivers all employment agreements, contracts and correspondence via the cloud.

Centralised Structure

MyHR connects your business to one of the most experienced HR teams in Australasia who deal with your day to day issues, write bespoke HR documents, give advice and help manage issues as they arise.

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